AI-assisted Python Programming

AI-assisted Python Programming

If you’re looking to dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence and Python programming, then “Learn AI-assisted Python Programming: With GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT” is the book for you! Published by Manning, this book is your ultimate guide to understanding and implementing AI-assisted Python programming, making use of the powerful tools GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT.

With a total of 296 pages, the book covers a wide range of topics that will help you grasp the fundamentals of AI and Python programming. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced coder, the author provides clear explanations and practical examples that make complex concepts easy to understand.

This book is written in English, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of readers. The author’s writing style is engaging and approachable, making it a pleasure to read and learn from. You’ll find yourself immersed in the content as you explore the world of AI and Python programming.

What sets this book apart is its focus on GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT. These AI-powered tools are revolutionizing the programming landscape, and this book shows you how to leverage their capabilities to enhance your Python programming skills. You’ll learn how to effectively collaborate with these AI models, making your coding experience more efficient and productive.

As you progress through the book, you’ll find a high number of examples, exercises, and challenges that will test your understanding and help you apply what you’ve learned. This hands-on approach ensures that you not only gain knowledge but also develop practical skills that you can immediately put to use in your own projects.

Whether you’re a student, a professional programmer, or simply someone with a passion for AI and Python, “Learn AI-assisted Python Programming: With GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT” is a must-have resource. It equips you with the tools and knowledge needed to harness the power of AI in your Python programming journey. So why wait? Dive in and embark on an exciting learning adventure!

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